Bateria do Portátil L15c4p22 para Lenovo Nova Yoga 13 80vf 910-13ikb 5 Pro 512g L15m4p21 5b10l22508 Genuíno L15m4p23 L15c4p21 910

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R$ 326,22

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Baterias p/ laptop

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Informações Técnicas do Produto

Características Especificações
Nome da Marca Chuyong
Origem CN (origem)
Tipo Li-ion
Número do Modelo L15m4p23 / L15c4p21 / L15c4p22
Células da Bateria 4 Células
Marca Compatível Lenovo
Tensão da Bateria 7.68v
Embalagem SIM
Color Black
Battery Specifications:
Chemistry: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.68V
Capacity: 78Wh
Conditions: original battery, 100% good test, zero risk shopping
Color: Black
Warranty period: 1 year warranty
Compatible with Battery code:
For Lenovo
L15C4P21 L15C4P22 L15M4P23 L15M4P21 5B10l22508
Compatible with Laptop Models:
For Lenovo
Yoga 910 Series
Yoga 910-13IKB Series
Yoga 5 Pro Series

High quality core materials

Using the newly listed battery cell of famous brand, it can produce the excellent quality of safety, reliability and no harm to the aircraft. It can store more energy to give your equipment enough power and more lasting endurance

Modern professional production workshop:

The professional production team cooperates with each other, standardizes the scientific production process, and makes the product with unique and meticulous workmanship and careful inspection, so as to ensure that every battery delivered is of the best quality

Certificado de qualidade

1. Cheap Baterias p Laptop - Color : Black

Computador e Escritório

Battery care notes:

(1)How to charge and maintain your new battery Generally, the new batteries are not fully charged. Before starting to use the new batteries, it is necessary to use the remaining 5% of the battery power before charging, and then charge the batteries. It is strictly forbidden to use the battery power to 0%. This may easily lead to the battery unable to charge and the battery performance degradation. The best way is to charge the battery in the off state until the power indicator turns green or goes out! The battery needs to be charged and discharged in three to four cycles to achieve the highest efficiency. When charging and discharging, the temperature of the battery will rise, which is a normal phenomenon. If the battery is idle for a long time, it is recommended that you charge the battery once a month to maintain the lithium-ion battery. After the fully charged battery is placed for a period of time, the battery will also discharge naturally, so when the battery is stored for a period of time, it needs to be charged. (2)Is there a problem with the new battery that can't be charged Usually not. When the device charges the battery for the first time, due to the instability of voltage and current, when the battery is half charged (sometimes more, sometimes less), the device stops charging the battery. If this happens, please don't worry, just use up all the power and recharge again. The first charge of the battery may require several repetitions. This is normal. (3) How long does it take for the new battery to fully activate Most laptops take eight hours to fully charge. Digital batteries take no less than five hours, but generally in the first four hours, they can charge 75% of the electricity, and the remaining 25% will take more time. (4) Turn off the computer when charging. Do not unplug the power supply during charging. (5) The battery shall be fully charged and discharged, and the battery shall not be charged when it is not fully charged or discharged, so as not to affect the battery life. (6) Avoid artificial impact, disassembly, falling, heating or short circuit. (7) To charge, use a dedicated device. (8) Try to avoid using the battery in the environment with too high or too low temperature.

Freight transport instructions:

All items are inspected and tested 100% by our quality control department before they are shipped out, so they must be in good condition. (1) Global transportation. (except for some countries and countries with special apo / FPO periods) (2) After the payment is verified, the order will be processed on time. We will deliver the goods within 24-72 hours (except weekends and holidays) after confirming the receipt of your payment. (3) We only ship to the confirmed address. Your order address must match your shipping address. (4) Service delivery time is provided by the operator, excluding weekends and holidays. Transportation times can vary, especially during holidays. (5) If you do not receive your goods within this period of time, please contact us. We will follow up the goods and reply as soon as possible. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! (6) Our seller is not responsible for import tax, the buyer is responsible for it. Any dispute arising from this is unreasonable. (7) Buyer br please provide CPF or CNPJ so that you can get it faster.

Return & Warranty Policy

(1) Our products will enjoy a one-year warranty, please feel free to buy. (2) If the goods are defective, please inform us within 3 days after receiving the goods. Thank you very much for communicating with us instead of causing disputes. (3) If the battery is damaged or defective due to non-human reasons within one year, you can still send the battery back to us for replacement, and the buyer will pay the return freight. After receiving the defective spare parts, we will ship the replacement parts for you within 3-5 working days. (4) If the buyer requests a return and refund, the transportation and handling costs incurred in this transaction will not be refunded. (5) If the buyer requests a return or exchange for any reason, the buyer must contact us by email or information before returning the goods. (6) Please send it back by registered mail. Please do not use UPS, DHL, FedEx and other express methods to return to China, so as to avoid custom import tax on packages.


(1) Upon receipt of the item, the buyer's early confirmation will be highly appreciated. (2) As your feedback is very important to the development of our business. If you are satisfied with our products and services, we sincerely invite you to give us positive feedback. (3) Please contact us before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. We will work with you to solve any problems. (4) We will understand your post purchase experience and provide you with better post purchase service.

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Bateria do Portátil L15c4p22 para Lenovo Nova Yoga 13 80vf 910-13ikb 5 Pro 512g L15m4p21 5b10l22508 Genuíno L15m4p23 L15c4p21 910
Bateria do Portátil L15c4p22 para Lenovo Nova Yoga 13 80vf 910-13ikb 5 Pro 512g L15m4p21 5b10l22508 Genuíno L15m4p23 L15c4p21 910

R$ 326,22

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